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Behind the Scenes at VFW

This month we showcased the upcoming Fall 2018 Collection on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week - our second time showing! We are taking you behind the scenes of the show on March 20th!

We started our morning with a rehearsal on the runway to get the walk and the poses down:

After the rehearsal, we got the outfits in order and made any changes that were necessary to ensure that we were ready for showtime:

Next up, approving our hair and makeup looks for the show! It was all about a blue smokey eye and a light red tint - staying true to the Fall 2018 Collection scheme. For hair, sleeked back and ponytails with big volume ! For our ladies with shorter hair, a sleeked back look with their hair down:

Almost showtime ! Final touches are made to each look and the models line up:

And that's a wrap on our behind the scenes look ! Stay tuned for the runway photos in the next few months.

Thank you to everyone who snapped photos during the day:




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