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I’m Yifat and I help women like you master their personal brand/style and feel confident, creating a big impact with the message that you want to share with the world!

With some very simple strategies and a few key pointers, you can start to improve your message and leverage the empowerment of celebrating you into the exposure of your dreams.

I’ve seen clients go from feeling they were in a style rut, unsure how to put outfits together in a stylish way to feeling completely over the moon… learning how to develop their signature style.

My Story

I’m an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and teacher and I have two decades of experience as a personal stylist and self-image strategist.


I harness all my experience into creating content that will help you feel empowered and excited about your style, becoming the leader woman in life.


I love teaching so much, I can’t even tell you.


Basically, I can help you step into a world of possibilities when it comes to your style and whatever message you have, allowing the clothing to be an outward expression of your innermost self and step into what you meant to be through my incredible, game-changing course KickStart Your style.

My mission is to help you RISE your highest Potential celebrating you with ease and joy. All of my content is geared towards this goal. I know the struggle of creating a style that aligns with who you are. I have created my successful business by fully showing up and expressing who I am.


About me


Authentic self-expression to communicate with you individually is my jam and I am so freakin’ grateful for what I do because helping you communicate with others and expressing your authentic self is the BEST thing, I can do to help you be successful in all areas of your life.


There is a lot of noise and content on the internet, we don’t need more of it. What we need is YOU 100%, doing what you do best so you can magnetize the right people into your community.


When you fully express who you are, the law of attraction begins, and your wild dreams come true.


Some history:

Basically, my love for fashion started with my Barbi dolls with the thought that they don’t have enough clothes to express themselves, taking my mom’s old clothes, and creating my doll’s new outfits.


When I was 11 years old, I had an AHA moment watching for the first time the red Oscar carpet, the women standing their glamour and confidence and empowered and I remember wondering how myself and others can feel like this from the inside to the outside everyday glamour, this thought that moment became my mission in life.


2004 after taking a lot of art classes as a hobby and travelling a lot, I had a major breakthrough and decided to go to college to study fashion design and open my own business, while studying I worked in the film industry as a stylist.


I immigrated that Canada from Israel in 2008 and officially open my business designing and selling my women's clothing line across North America. And I have to tell you, there is nothing that compares to helping women feel beautiful, confident, and empowered to reach their own version of success.


  • I was showing my clothing brand at an international fashion show.

  • I’ve to help my clients have the courage to express their voice inside and outside through their clothing.


  • Garnering attention in the fashion scene and being featured on Fashion Forward 40, Sustainable Fashion, The Vancouver Sun and more.


  • I worked with hundreds of clients helping them to identify their personal style and self-image to improve their message of feeling empowered, playing a big role in life.

  • My clients say I allow them to express their authentic selves with confidence and joy, and that is what I thrive on. I help my clients to increase their visibility to claim more in life.


Some more fun details that you may want to know:


  • The meaning of my name Yifat in Hebrew is – splendour, majesty, magnificence, glowing personality, beauty and impressive.

I often think how fastening it is that I was born with this name, my gift and my mission in life is helping women feel and look at those qualities in life.


  • Jovani is my real last name from my parents and I’m not Italian.


  • My roots are from Yemen, and I was born and raised in Israel, move to Canada for love to my Canadian partner in life.


  • Growing up I was always cold and even sleep in winter with an electric blanket, never believed as a child that I could live in a cold country like Canada. Lol


  • When I was 13 yr. I went to see a live concert, and the singer shook my hand, and I was so excited and didn’t want to wash my hand, I  made a deal with my sister that I do all her chores if she does my dishes.

  • Growing up I dance classes, in my 20’s I used to go with friends to nightclubs and dance for hours non-stop. In my 40’s I still love dancing even though I don’t dance as much.


  • I grew up loving to find any opportunity in nature jumping into the water from cliffs, and bridges and I almost chose a position in the army to fold parachutes so I could jump from a plane. I haven’t made this dream come true yet.

As a woman that tried to fit inside a box for a while, I know the feeling of insecurity, lowering yourself to fit into those unearthing social rules and not fully expressing yourself. As an entrepreneur, I know that this feeling should not keep you from living a life you love, step into the woman you are meant to be. If I can do it, so can you!


Ready to feel like you are on top of the world?!!!


You can reach out to me at

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