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What if you have that outfit in your closet and by that outfit, I mean the moment you put it on you KNOW you feel like on top of the world!!!

And what if you knew which kind of outfit makes you feel good as supposed to those that don’t make you feel good?

What if you knew exactly which colours look best on you? What clothes to put on for certain situations?

How much more PRODUCTIVE  you will be

How much more confident you will be and how much better will you be FEELING  about yourself when you walk around that day?!



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Introducing the coaching program where women with style frustration, feeling that the way they dress not align with whom they are - Helping you reclaim your style confidence with ease and joy again feeling best than ever!

... go from an insecure and unpredictable style to a free, authentic, and confident style!


I signed it to kickstart your style because I was in a style rut. I just used to wear the same outfits week after week and I was so sick of my wardrobe and yet I didn’t know what I wanted, I wasn’t sure how to look stylish, or how to put outfits together. I was wearing mostly black and grey all the time, with very few accessories. I heard about the program, and I thought it is a good opportunity to learn more. I am so happy I took the program! I learn so much about style and I feel so much more confident now. I am able to put outfits together, I am wearing a lot more colour, and accessories, and in general, I feel much more confident about how I look. And it is so much fun because I feel that I got a whole new wardrobe even I hardly bought anything new because I learn how to put things together in different ways and I feel way more comfortable wearing things I never thought to wear to work before for example because I thought that it is too dressy or too casual but now, I know how to dress things up and down. It was such a great experience working with Yifat, it was an absolute pleasure, she has been so helpful to me, and I hardly recommend this program!   

Jocelyn S


This is a group coaching program, the signature program, which includes an intensive online curriculum, weekly live coaching calls with Yifat, and a safe and welcoming community of like-minded women working side by side to help you find more style confidence, and freedom that you deserve.

Currently, you may feel -

  • Frustrated with your style. You don’t feel it reflects who you are.

  • You have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear.

  • You experience body changes or pre/menopause.

  • You like that your style helps you with your bigger vision of yourself.

  • You wear the same clothes over and over again.

  •  Feel like you don't have empowering and fun outfit options for yourself.

  • You lost the fun in your style and are unsure how to feel creative and fun expressing yourself.

This is our flagship program; it’s designed to help you -

 Develop your signature style.

✅ Become a master dominating your message.

✅ Master dressing your shape with ease and joy.

✅ Learn what colours look best on you.

✅ Overcome imposter insecurity by trying new look styles in case you’ll do it wrong.

✅ Help you feel confident, so people take you seriously.

✅ More impact, influence and business opportunity.

✅ Feel empowered when you look in the mirror.

who is it for?

The program is for motivated women who experience style frustration, body changes, pre/menopause, or are even uncertain how to create a stylish outfit. It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, musician, teacher, salesperson, fitness instructor, retired or stay-at-home mom, join us to find more style freedom.

When Does It Start?

You can start as soon as you complete the enrollment process. Go at your own pace in the comfort of your home because you will have unlimited and LIFTIME access to the program.


We offer you more coaching support than any other Personal styling program on the planet.

The program is divided into 3 major components:


CONTENT: Learn mindset techniques to release frustration, develop an authentic style with fun exercises thinking outside the box and build style empowerment in expressing yourself.


COACHING: Get individualized feedback and all your questions answered.


COMMUNITY: Connect and learn with like-minded peers who share similar style journeys.

How will you make progress on this program? 

We use our FAD process (Feedback, Accountability, Direction) to get our clients a 100%satisfaction rate with their skill development.

1) We begin by doing our baseline diagnosis with you i.e How you feel about your style now.

2 We then prioritize what part of your goals needs to be addressed, and in what order, to make the biggest impact on your style confidence.

3) We prescribe you exercises to cultivate that skill set and have you submit practice images for review.

4) We reconvene weekly to see a linear progression by comparing your progress with your first image and there is always a vast improvement.


The program has been carefully crafted in a way where you take less time, and get more results.

It is important for us to show you that you can make progress in your first week because that’s where a lot of your confidence and motivation will come from.

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