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Helping Women To Go From Endless Frustration to Effortless Style,
Kickstart your style and free your authentic fashionista

Find your personal style and align your wardrobe with your authentic you. 

Do you have a closet-full of clothes....and nothing to wear?


Are you ready to love getting dressed? To feel confident in the choosing clothes tha

Are you ready to love getting dressed? To feel confident in the choosing clothes tha


Do you choose shapeless clothes because you aren't comfortable celebrating the real you?


Can I help you

out of your style rut?


Are you ready to enjoy getting dressed?

Are you ready to feel confident in choosing colours and styles that suit your body and reflect your personality and lifestyle?


How can I
help you today?


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Work with Yifat

Kickstart Your Style &
Free Your Authentic
Book a wardrob consultaion with Yifat
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Hi, I am Yifat.

I am a mom, a stylist, and a passionate entrepreneur. I have been a fashion designer for many years, presented my clothing brand at Vancouver Fashion Week, Little Black Dress Gala and elsewhere, and was featured in different magazines and newspapers. I have two decades of experience as a personal stylist, self-image strategist, and style coach helping women through my online course, in-person workshops and as a one-on-one wardrobe consultant and personal shopper. My goal is to help women break out of their style rut, elevate their style, feel confident in their own bodies, and build their dream wardrobe.

I love teaching so much, I can’t even tell you.

Helping women kickstart their style and free their authentic fashionista, by teaching them easy and practical techniques and helping them dress to their body shapes with ease and joy, feel and look amazing and start celebrating themselves.

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