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Learn powerful, practical strategies to reflect your  authentic self through clothes and accessories 

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  • You’re frustrated with your style. You don’t feel it reflects who you are.

  • You have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. 

  • You want to update your style to reflect body changes, like menopause or weight loss.

  • You wear the same clothes over and over again.

  • You spend money on clothes that you never wear.

  • You want to express yourself with your outfits but don't know where to start.


“ I signed up to Kickstart Your Style because I was in a style rut. I used to wear the same outfits week after week and I was so sick of my wardrobe, yet I didn’t know what I wanted, I wasn’t sure how to look stylish, or how to put outfits together. I was wearing mostly black and grey all the time, with very few accessories. I thought the program would be a good opportunity to learn more, and I am so happy I took it! I learned so much about style and I feel so much more confident now. I am able to put outfits together, I am wearing a lot more colour and accessories, and in general, I feel much more confident about how I look. And it is so much fun because I feel that I got a whole new wardrobe even though I hardly bought anything new. I learned how to put things together in different ways. I feel way more comfortable wearing things I never thought to wear to work before, for example because I thought that it was too dressy or too casual, but now, I know how to dress things up and down. It was such a great experience working with Yifat, it was an absolute pleasure, she has been so helpful to me, and I highly recommend this program! ”

Jocely S.

Yifat Jovani

I’m an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and teacher and I have two decades of experience as a personal stylist and self-image strategist.


I love teaching so much, I can’t even tell you.


I can help you step into a world of possibilities when it comes to your style and whatever message you have, allowing your clothes to be an outward expression of your innermost self and step into what you are meant to be.

My mission with KickStart Your Style is to help you rise to your highest potential -- celebrating yourself with ease and joy. All of my content is geared towards this goal. I know the struggle of creating a style that aligns with who you are. I have created my successful business by fully expressing who I am.

I hope to see you in class! 


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