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When you express your true authentic self through your clothes the world can really see you and the message you want to share with them.


You might feel right now -


Ø Unsure how to be clear on what you want for your style

Ø Wearing the same clothes over and over again

Ø Not sure what your body type is or what will look good on you

Ø Experiencing menopause and body changes


I am helping women to discover their personal style elevating their feelings of confidence, beauty, and empowerment!


Are you ready to take control of your personal style and not worry anymore about what to wear?


 Silvia, 50+, accountant -

- “I liked working with Yifat a lot. She really kick-started my NEW style by showing me how to put patterns and colors together I never would have done by myself. She inspired me to release my OLD fashion rules that I grew up with. I started looking at jewelry and accessories with completely fresh eyes. I follow my heart and dress in COLORS confidently ”.


 Jocelyn, 40+ scientist in BC children hospital –

 “I was wearing the same few outfits all the time, feeling bored of all my clothes but not feeling like I knew anything about style or what new things I should buy.  I'm feeling much more confident now and getting dressed is fun instead of being a chore. I feel like I have a new wardrobe even though I've hardly bought anything new yet. I've been wearing new combinations of clothes and things that I haven't worn in a long time because I didn't know how to wear them. I'm thinking about clothes in a different way, for example, dressing up or dressing down, and not being so rigid about certain clothes being for work and others for casual.

 I have a much better understanding of how to put stylish outfits together. I'm wearing new things -- e.g. more colour, accessories -- and feeling a lot more confident ”.