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Nov 16, 2022 - Nov 16, 2022

kickstart Your STYLE Workshop


Feeling that you AGED out of fashion?! You are feeling that your style doesn’t reflect who you are. What if you have that outfit in your closet and by that outfit, I mean the moment you put it on you KNOW you feel like on top of the world? And what if you knew which kind of outfit makes you feel good as supposed to those that don’t make you feel good? What if you knew exactly which colors look best on you? What clothes to put on for certain situations? How much more PRODUCTIVE you will be How much more confident you will be and how much better will you be FEELING about yourself when you walk around that day?! Currently, you might feel – • Frustrated with your style. You don’t feel it reflects who you are • You have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear • You lost the fun in your style and are unsure how to feel creative and have fun expressing you Come and join our workshop on Wednesday, November 16th @ 1 PST - 2:30 PST - You'll learn: - MASTER YOUR MINDSET – Learn what stop you from finding your personal style. - DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL STYLE -to help you think about what you want with your style! even if you don’t know what a feel-good style is to you – You’ll be confident after this class! - LEARN PERSONAL STYLIST SECRETS - through exercises that can help you focus on what you LIKE. The thing is, nothing will change if we don't put what we want into practice.




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